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Joining a group

Have you considered joining a writers group? They can be very helpful especially if you’re a first time writer. The critics can be meaningful because you get a first hand experience from a reader, not a family member or a close friend, a stranger!  They’re different rather in age, gender, religion, but one things for … Continue reading

Published Author

What does it mean to be a published author–everything!!! Seeing your name inscribed on the front cover of your book is the best feeling. You feel like you have accomplished your greatest goal, the biggest challenge. It takes a lot to write a book, so when you see it on a Kindle on an iPad, … Continue reading

Indie Publishing

If you need help with: Formatting Page Layout (Book) Interior Design Some advice on Self-Publishing Even a Ghost Writer ( Ha, I do a little writing myself check out  A Beautiful Tongue) I’m all ears!  I love what I do, I love reading, I love books & I love seeing someone’s hard work complete and … Continue reading